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Loki Jotunheim

Ragnarok spoiler

I just saw "Thor: Ragnarok" - pretty overwhelming; I need to see it again a few more times. There was a bit too much humor for me, considering the darkness of the basic concept. Fic will fix that. I am already getting fic ideas.

I'm thinking about the implications of Loki-as-Odin's play about his own heroic "death". Specifically the scene where Odin finds baby Loki (depicted in the play as a child.) Clearly, everyone in Asgard now knows Loki is Jotunn. And clearly, Loki doesn't mind them knowing that. Is he now completely reconciled with his ancestry? The "adopted" comments no longer seem to have that nasty sting they had in "Avengers". I have to watch it again to see how those comments play out. How will Jotunheim feature in fic in the future? So many thoughts...


The only part that didn't seem convincing was when the play showed the blue child Loki. It's hard to believe he would be so blithe about it. There was an element of shame and disgust when he found out about the truth in previous movies.

I saw Thor: Ragnarok but it was just a blur of eye-popping colours and bad jokes, interspersed with small moments of character building. A little disappointing really^^