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Jun. 23rd, 2018

Loki Ragnarok

Sometimes those cryptic notes make sense...

Whenever I'm in the middle of writing a long story - like now - random bits of inspiration pop up in my mind at inconvenient times, such as when I'm in the shower, or the middle of the night, or, frequently, when I'm at work taking a brief break. At work I hastily scribble down my thoughts on repurposed postit notes, stick them in my purse and hope they make sense later on.

Sometimes they do. Sometimes when I thought was sheer brilliance at the time was meh. And sometimes they make no sense at all.

So today I was putting in some notes I made yesterday at work and one postit completely baffled me. It sounded like it belonged to some other story entirely.

So I took a break, read a fic, and something in that fic made me realize (proverbial light bulb here) - the reason why it sounded like it was supposed to be in another story was actually because it's meant to be the briefest of flashbacks in this one. Yay! And, it is part of an important emotional plot point. I would have thought I would have remembered that, but no.

I still have several other random incomprehensible notes on my desk. I have to remember that just because I assure myself I'll certainly remember what this note was supposed to mean - chances are I won't. I need to be more explicit - such as "this note will appear in this story HERE."

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May. 11th, 2018

Loki riding

New Loki story: Infinity War canon divergence

New Loki story – Infinity War Canon Divergence

(Remember a few weeks ago I made a post about struggling to put all the puzzle pieces of a story together? This, finally, is that story.)

Contrary to my policy to never post WIPs, I began posting my new Loki story “On Yggdrasil’s Branches” in early April. I started writing it several weeks before “Infinity War” came out, because I had a strong suspicion they were going to do two things which would royally piss me off and I figured I’d write pre-emptive canon-divergence. I set it up, though, so that if IW went in another direction, this story could, as well.

Well, Marvel did exactly the two things I hoped they wouldn’t do.

cut for spoilers...Collapse )

Apr. 3rd, 2018

Loki Ragnarok

New Loki fic

One single line from canon can inspire a lot of fanfic. Here’s my take on one line from “Thor:Ragnarok”.

It took watching “Thor: Ragnarok” with closed-captions on before I realized what Loki was saying an instant before Thor sees him: “There was a wormhole in space and time beneath me. At that moment, I let go.” (And then he laughs.) WTF?!?!?! Arguably THE most traumatic moment in Loki’s life and he laughs it off?!? I had to write a fic… and here it is.

“Excerpts From The Tragedy of Loki of Asgard (Sakaar Version)”
Loki rewrites his play for a new audience. Topaz is unimpressed. The Grandmaster’s sycophants, all jockeying for position in The Grandmaster’s orbit, are intrigued. And The Grandmaster wants a lot more than melodramatic stories.

My story is non-explicit dubcon. There’s loads of frostmaster (Loki/Grandmaster) fic out there – fans were *never* going to resist that eyelash-fluttering look GM gives Loki. Dubcon is part of the background of my story but I had other things to put in the foreground. So – sorry – no porn this time.

Excerpts From The Tragedy of Loki of Asgard

(Remember a few days ago I made a post about struggling to put all the puzzle pieces of a story together? I’m still struggling. This isn’t that story. I have made some progress on that one. The first chapter is nearly complete and I plan to post it soon – contrary to my policy to never post WIPs. I very much want to begin posting before “Infinity War” comes out and josses everything.)

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Mar. 25th, 2018


I'm at this stage right now...

I'm at this stage right now...

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Mar. 12th, 2018

azsh in avengers_search

[reposted post] Exiled Loki, he can't return to Asgard ever.

I'm trying to find a specific fic it has the pairing Tony/Loki, where loki is banished or exiled to earth and can't return to Asgard or he will be executed. Loki misses looking at the stars in Asgard, etc .I slightly remember one scene where Loki is on the rooftop of stark tower and accidentally projects the image of the void on the New York skyline(he ends up panicking and tony comforts him). As well as another scene where Frigga explains that she had a vision that Tony would help Loki, which was why they exiled him.... Sorry if this is too vague. Any help finding this would be appreciated ^_^

I'm pretty sure the fic was on ao3 or fanfiction.net 

Mar. 8th, 2018

supernatural16 in avengers_search

[reposted post] Tortured Loki

I'm looking for any fics where Thor finds out Loki has been tortured — either by Thanos or as a punishment after Avengers. Protective Thor is a must with protective Avengers a bonus :). Please no Thor/Loki. 

Feb. 26th, 2018

Blue Sunrise

Due South,, Escapade Convention

I just attended Escapade Convention this weekend and went to a “Due South” panel - and now I’m wondering: Is there any fic about Fraser’s reactions to the cruel way he was gaslighted by just about everyone he knows in the opening episode of the 3rd season?

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Feb. 10th, 2018

Wonder Woman

Justice League

I finally got to see “Justice League”. I was too busy in December on a big deadline project. I’d already picked out an early January date to see it – and then came down with the flu. Wound up in the ER. Altogether a sucky week. By the time I’d recovered, JL was out of the first run theaters.

I decided to keep my eye on the second run theater, and it showed up there last week. Can’t beat a $2.50 ticket price for a twilight show. I don’t mind the 50 year old hard-as-a-rock old style seats or the slanted floor which has definitely seen much better days. You get what you pay for, after all. :-) I frequently wait for movies to show up here – the price of first run tickets is ridiculous.

I liked the movie better than I expected to – but I wasn’t expecting much after “Dawn of Justice” (I fell asleep during that one.) “Wonder Woman” is the only DC movie I’ve 100% enjoyed in years –that one was pretty damn awesome.

Highlights of JL – the secondary characters. I wasn’t familiar with Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, but his character was intriguing and I’d love to see him in a solo movie. I also really liked Aquaman, (a character I thought was yawningly boring back when I was a kid). He was the best part of this movie and I’m looking forward to his solo movie, should it come about. Wonder Woman was fine too, and I hope we’ll see her in another solo movie. I also liked Bruce Wayne’s realization of his own limitations and mortality.

However, I have never once warmed up to Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman. I didn’t see any chemistry between him and anyone else. And how can any actress make Lois Lane boring? This one managed. The scene between her and Clark in the cornfield, and the scene between them at the end at the farmhouse should have been far more emotionally powerful than they were.

(My favorite Lois Lane: Smallville. My favorite Superman: Dean Cain in Lois and Clark. DC always seems to do better on TV than in the movies.)

Boring villain. I know I read Jack Kirby’s “New Gods” comics back in the 70s, but don’t remember anything about them. Considering how many I read at the time, not surprising. Turns out Steppenwolf was introduced in this storyline.

I really wish DC could make more movies for me to love. They succeeded with “Wonder Woman”, so I haven’t lost all hope.

Dec. 31st, 2017





What a long, strange year it’s been.  I can’t even begin to describe the rollercoaster it’s been; lots of downs, not a lot of ups.  Here’s hoping 2018 will be better for all of us.


One way I’ve been coping is writing fic.  My total word count for this year is 73,600, beating last year’s word count of 68,864.   Icon choice, Thor & Loki, because the word count of my two thorki stories combined beat the word count of my Steve Rogers fic by 6,754 words. 


This year I took part in the Marvel Big Bang 2017 and the Captain America Reverse Big Bang 2017.  I love these challenges, because they sure get me writing.


I did sign up for the hc-bingo challenge but am not going to make the January 10 deadline due to a major end of year deadline.  I currently have three WIPs going, and ideas for the other two stories, and hope to finish and post them within the next couple of months.


My 2017 fic:



Father Figures – 31,487 words; (Marvel Big Bang 2017); (Thor/Loki; sequel to last year’s “Secret Identities”)

Silly Ragnarok Drabble – 100

Reciprocity – 32,123; (Captain America Reverse Big Bang 2017); (Gen, Loki & Steve Rogers)

Lock and Key – 7,480; (fixit fic, Frigga lives, Thor/Loki)





Sensate – 2,410 (Kirk/Spock, published in the KiSCon 2017 conzine); (post Camus II).




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Nov. 2nd, 2017

Loki Jotunheim

Ragnarok spoiler

I just saw "Thor: Ragnarok" - pretty overwhelming; I need to see it again a few more times. There was a bit too much humor for me, considering the darkness of the basic concept. Fic will fix that. I am already getting fic ideas.

Spoiler...Collapse )

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Loki riding

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