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KiSCon 2019 Progress Report 09-22-19

KiScon 2019
The Kirk/Spock convention
Seattle, WA, USA
November 1-3, 2019. http://kiscon.org/

Progress Report: 9/22/2019

Con Zine
I'm excited to report that as of today, we have two poems, two squee-worthy images and six stories. Please don't forget about the October 1 deadline. If you have a story you're working on, but you can't make the date let me know so I can anticipate its arrival. If you need some help/suggestions/ideas with your story just ask. Just so you know, I can be persuaded with a Snickers bar.

All submissions, comments and questions go to imamasseffect@gmail.com. See you soon!

~Holly "Carleen"

Vid Show
We are still in need of Fan Videos for KiScon 2019. All submissions of Star Trek TOS, TAS, movies, reboot are welcome! The deadline has been extended to October 1. If you have a vid you are working on but need a bit more time, please contact Lari to see if something can be arranged. Or for more information on details of the vid show, go to KiScon.org and click on Vid Show. Contact Lari at laribernstein+vidshow@gmail.com for more information. See you and your vid at the con!

Hotel / Room Sharing / Parking / Area Map Dining
Our room block for the con is filling up. The Hilton has added just a few more room nights to our block but there is another event there overlapping our dates so if you are planning to make a reservation – do so ASAP. KiScon block room rates are guaranteed through Wednesday, October 9th, 2019, although availability is not guaranteed. Please phone the hotel if the online system does not allow you to book the rooms you want.

KiScon 2019 room rates are $139.00 for single or double; $149.00 for triple or quad occupancy (plus hotel taxes).

For reservations by phone, call the hotel at 206-244-4800. Tell them you are with KiScon 2019 to get the discounted group rate.

You can also call 1-800-HILTONS and use the group code: KIS19.

Online go to https://book.passkey.com/go/kiscon2019.

If you are having trouble making a reservation, please let us know KiScon@gmail.com (or Judy – P55Popcorn@aol.com). Please include “Trouble Making Hotel Reservations” in the Subject header.

Room Sharing
Find roommates and/or carpool buddies at the KiScon FB group or on the K/S Slack forum.


To get an invitation to the Slack group, please email KiScon2019@gmail.com

Hotel Parking
If you are driving into town for the con, parking is available to KiScon 2019 members for $12.00 per day.

SeaTac Airport
If you are flying in for the con, getting to the Hilton hotel is easy. The airport is just across the street. After you land go to the hotel shuttle area and catch the Seattle Airport Hilton Hotel and Conference Center shuttle (SeaTac Hilton shuttle) for the 5-minute ride to the hotel. Make sure you tell the driver you are going to the Hilton across the street.

If you don’t want to wait for the shuttle you can walk to the Link Light Rail Station and then cross the street to the Hilton.

Hotel Dining
The Hilton has an in-house restaurant, Spencer's for Steaks and Chops, where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It's one of the country's finest steakhouses and offers the best prime beef, succulent chops, and sensational seafood. You can also order from the extensive room service menu and let them bring you something delicious.

Dining in the Area
There are many places to eat within about a mile of the Hilton hotel. There are also many eateries at the airport. Just across from the hotel is the Link Light Rail Station which can take you into downtown Seattle. There you will find a galaxy of great restaurants.

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KiScon Progress Report 1

KiScon Progress Report 1 - 8-25-2019

Urgent! Membership Shortfall – Registrations Needed!

Dear Fellow K/Ser’s,

As of this date, we are still a few memberships short of our budget and attending member goal. Our contract with the Hilton hotel is for a minimum of 50 people attending and 62 room nights rented. We have just barely met our minimum room night requirements, but we are still short in the membership department.


If you have already signed up, then we want to say a big THANK YOU! Your full and supporting memberships are what keep this con afloat.

But we are not out of the woods. If you are coming, tell a K/S friend (tell a whole lot of friends) that you are a member and encourage them to attend with you.

If you are still on the fence about coming, please jump off and go to the website KiScon2019.org and sign up.

What do you get by attending?
1. An awesome convention bag full of goodies
2. A spiffy member badge
3. Friday night Opening Ceremonies with new KiScon surprises
4. GREAT programming
5. K/S, sf, & fantasy art show
6. KiScon gaming table
7. Vid contest with glory & thunderous applause
8. Saturday night dinner buffet
9. K/S cake!
10. The KiScon 2019 vid show
11. Saturday night cosplay event
12. Saturday night K/S vid sing-a-long and disco
13. Sunday art and charity/fundraising auction
14. Sunday Closing Ceremonies
15. Dead Khan Party
16. The KiScon 2019 ezine
17. Yummy hospitality food & beverages
18. Serendipitous happenings, much more than we can list here!

Absolutely the most fun part of attending KiScon is spending the weekend connecting and re-connecting in person with your fellow K/S friends; both old ones and new friends you make while attending. You can see some great cosplay. And one other very special thing: there is NOTHING like watching all the new creative vids and your favorite classics on a big screen surrounded by friends while munching on chocolate and/or having a glass of wine.

Supporting memberships are also very helpful and needed. If you are unable to attend, please sign up as a supporting member. You will still get the con bag, vid show, and ezine. We will mail them to you after KiScon 2019 is in the rear-view mirror.

So now that you know what is happening with memberships for your convention (yes, this is your convention--for all of us K/S fans) please get your membership and share the weekend with us. If you have any questions, please contact us KiScon2019@gmail.com.

Thank you so much for helping to make KiScon 2019 possible.

See You in Seattle!

The Committee

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KiSCon 2019 - approaching deadlines

Kiscon 2019

Hello to all our fellow K/Ser’s!

Thank you to all who have signed up to be KiScon 2019 members. We are looking forward to seeing you in Seattle at KiScon 2019, November 1-3. Please ask your friends to come also!

Deadlines are approaching, so take note:

We need a few more (full and supporting) memberships to reach our budget goals. To all of you who are planning on attending or who are still sitting on the fence, now is the time to become a KiScon 2019 member!

Go to KiScon2019.org and fill out the membership form.
Attending memberships are US$160, available until Oct 10th, 2019.
Supporting Memberships are US$60.

You can pay via PayPal or check; please get your membership now while you are thinking of it.

Hilton Seattle Airport and Conference Center

We are looking forward to you joining us at the con. If you have not made your room reservations at the Hilton, now is the time. The deadline to get the group room rate is October 9, 2019, but room availability is not guaranteed. If you have yet to make your hotel reservation, please do it now.

KiScon 2019 room rates are $139.00 for single or double occupancy; $149.00 for triple or quad occupancy (plus hotel taxes).
For reservations by phone, call the hotel at 206-244-4800. Tell them you are with KiScon 2019 to get the discounted group rate.
You can also call 1-800-HILTONS and use the group code: KIS19.
Online go to https://book.passkey.com/go/kiscon2019.
KiScon block room rates are guaranteed through Wednesday, October 9th, 2019, although availability is not guaranteed. Please phone the hotel if the online system does not allow you to book the rooms or dates you want.

Roommates & Carpools
Find roommates and/or carpool buddies at the KiScon Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1698651643726889/) or on the K/S Slack forum (email KiSCon2019@gmail.com to request an invitation).

Vid Show
We love vids! The submission deadline is just around the corner; Larissa has extended the deadline to Sept 30th. If you have a vid or are planning a vid, now is the time to contact Larissa:laribernstein+vidshow@gmail.com. Also fill out the form online:http://kiscon.org/vidshow/

Con Zine
We will have a Con Zine! Deadline for submissions is October 1, but our wonderful editor Holly would like submissions as soon as possible to allow her enough time to edit properly. Please send your submissions to auntholly@cox.net. Previously unpublished K/S stories of any length, drabbles, poems, and art are all welcome. (RE: Unpublished works. If you have a few chapters posted on A03, etc. and KISCON motivates you to finish the story. Then take the chapters down until after the con and finish the story. No worries.)

Art Show
Do you have art work, new or pre-owned to show or sell? Paintings, drawings, photos, sculptures, jewelry and more with K/S, Star Trek, science fiction and fantasy subjects are all welcome. Let us know what type of space you need for display. Please contact us atkiscon2019@gmail.com.

Dealer Room
Do you want to make a little money while you are at the con? Get a table and sell your books, zines, hand made items, jewelry or anything K/S, Star Trek, science fiction and fantasy oriented; all are welcome.

Dealer tables are 6’ x 30" and come with a tablecloth on the table and an extra one to cover the merchandise while you are away. Two chairs are also included. Dealer tables are $20.00 for a first table, with additional tables $10.00.
Please contact us at kiscon2019@gmail.com.

Con goodie bags rely on the generosity, cleverness, and creativity of many con members. Would you like to donate bookmarks, stickers, candy, magnets, buttons, or some other item to the con goodie bag? If you have bigger donations we can use fun stuff for raffle or contest prizes, and unique cool stuff for the con fund raising auction. Let us know what you are bringing. Please contact us at kiscon2019@gmail.com.

Volunteers are always welcome. At the con registration table there will be a volunteer form; please help us put on a great con! If you are arriving on Thursday and would like to help with set up or staying Sunday evening and would like to help break down and pack up, let us know ahead of time. Please contact us at kiscon2019@gmail.com.

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Good Omens vid rec

I'm so tired of canon screwing me over with pointless character deaths as twists, and the way TPTB think that killing a character is always a great idea for drama.

So when "Good Omens" hit fandom, it was a pleasure watching it, knowing that there wasn't going to be any of that.

I highly recommend this vid.  Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" is one of my favorite songs, and it is absolutely perfect for this fandom.  Great version of the song, too.


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The latest information on KiScon 2019, the Kirk/Spock convention

 KiScon, the K/S convention, is being held again in Seattle November 1-3, 2019. The website link is below:


There are some issues with the website, however. 
The registration portion of the website is working fine, so you can go ahead and register at the website. 

However, the contact form on the website does not seem to be working. (They haven't gotten any questions through the contact form.)

Please use kiscon2019@gmail.com instead of the website contact form if you need to contact the con committee with any questions or concerns.

There will be an e-zine for Kiscon. Please send questions, suggestions and submissions to Holly at : auntholly@cox.net

Please send in your submissions as soon as possible, but no later than October 1st. They are interested in any length of fiction, from drabbles and flash fiction to long stories, and anything in between. Plus they are hoping for poetry submissions and any kind of artwork. New K/S writers and artists are encouraged to contribute to the zine! 

Kiscon also needs submissions for their 3 vid shows. If interested, please see link below for detailed information :


It should be a fun convention in beautiful Seattle. The con committee hopes to see some of you there! 

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Loki riding

First Line Meme!


First Line Meme!

Rules: list the first lines of your last 10 published stories. See if there are any patterns yourself, or have other people say what they notice.

All Marvel Cinematic Universe, except “Sensate”, which is Star Trek: The Original Series.


1. By Urðr’s well, the women passed, hand to hand, the shredded cloth of fate, Reality defeating even them.

--“Norns” (Drabble.  Gen.  Avengers Endgame fixit).


2. “Mrewp?”  The Tesseract was resting comfortably deep inside Goose’s pocket dimension, and that’s exactly where she planned to keep it.

--Goose Is Tired of this Crap (Drabble.  Gen.  Avengers Endgame fixit).


3. “Do you See him?” Thor turned to Heimdall whose golden eyes still held fierce determination, as befit the finest of Asgard.

--On Yggdrasil’s Branches (WIP, Thor/Loki.  Thor: Ragnarok sequel.)


4. The light never dimmed.  

--The Sound of Breaking Ice (Thor/Loki.  Avengers canon divergence.)


5. Peter.  Gone to ash and dust.

--The Unspoken  (Gen.  Tony Stark POV.  Avengers Infinity War fixit).


6. While Loki’s illusion approached Thanos, knife upheld, Loki slipped behind the Titan, nerves at a high pitch. 

--Loki Wins Again, aka One More Infinity War Fix-It (Drabble.  Gen.  Avengers Infinity War fixit).


7. As the Mad Titan’s gauntleted hand grabbed his throat, Loki transformed into a snake, slid through Thanos’s fingers, and slithered away.  

--Another Infinity War Fix-It (Drabble.  Gen.  Avengers Infinity War fixit).


8. The shadows of his ravens shivered through the tall grasses, wheeling in vast circles around him, arcing over the grey waves of the Midgardian sea beyond the cliff before him. 

--Threads of Destiny (Gen.  Odin POV.  Thor: Ragnarok prequel.)


9. Breathe. Breathe.

--Old Trick, New Audience (Drabble.  Gen.  Avengers Infinity War fixit).


10 - The touch of his own skin felt strange to Kirk. 

--Sensate (Kirk/Spock.  Sequel to “Turnabout Intruder”.)


All MCU found here:


“Sensate” found here:



NOTE: Re Classic Trek.  I’m not including the two most recently posted works here as they are re-posts of older stories (“Beyond the Barrier” and “Chess”) that have appeared elsewhere.

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Game of Thrones (War of the Roses)

I stopped watching "The Game of Thrones" in the first season (and from the howls I'm hearing from fandom I'm glad I did.)

The main reason was, I was reading a number of books about the War of the Roses at that time. When I learned George R.R. Martin based his novels on that bloody history, I decided I wasn't going to bother watching any further. I already knew how that ended, and suspected the fantasy version would have a similar trajectory.

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Closeup Kitty

Flerkens rule! (Avengers: Endgame)

It was more than obvious, when I saw "Avengers: Endgame", that there was only one character with the power to take care of those Infinity Stones. So I wrote this drabble:


Someone commented on my story today and gave this link, in which the author took that particular character and did a great rewrite of the Endgame final battle scene:

The Benevolent Ruler of the Universe by Rachel500


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This is why I read the endings of stories first...

I don't have many squicks, but one of the very few is an absolute no-go, and it's generally not warned for: Permanent memory loss/permanent brain damage.

My mother's mind died long before her body did. I don't need to read stories that remind me of this. Permanent amnesia fics feels to me like murder.

So, I saw a story that looked potentially interesting, but my suspicions were raised. So I read the end - it was hard to tell from the last few paragraphs. So I read the comments to the final chapter. Yup, just as I suspected, permanent memory loss.

Not going there.

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