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September Posting Day 3: Random thoughts about the Marvel Cinematic Universe

I don’t have a lot of posting time tonight, so here’s just a couple of random thoughts on the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

- Why do so many people think Steve Rogers would be squeamish around swear words (as long as women weren’t present, that is?) He was in the military, after all. Tommy Lee Jones certainly had a supply of PG13 swear words in “Captain America: The First Avenger” – just imagine what TLJ’s character would have said in real life. (Under the cut is a WWII era, yes, sexist, dirty limerick I learned in the 1970s from a 60something woman I worked with at the time)

- Why are there so many Avengers stories set in Stark Tower where they’re discussing who is going to do the dishes? Stark is a bazillionaire, he’s got people, or at least robots, to take care of daily stuff like that.

WWII era Limerick, posted here as a historical footnote:

Don’t back the attack by stabbing a WAC
Or riding the breasts of a WAVE
But lie in the sand
And cum in your hand
And buy bonds with the money you save.


OMG...where did you dig up that limerick? ;-)

Charleston, being a major seaport during WWII, was constantly overrun by sailors.

Mom said she was walking down King Street one evening trying to get to night school. And a group of sailors blocked her way.

She just stared them down until one of the guys said, "Sorry, we didn't know you were a lady."
Then they backed away.

As she walked by she said there was a separate sailor who was standing to one side watching the whole incident...hopefully to help if it got out of hand?

Anyway as she passed him, the guy said, "That is what the service does for you." She said she had a hard time keeping a straight face.
What a story - I'm glad they realized she was a lady; that could have ended badly. LOL to what the other guy said.

As for the limerick, I had a co-worker named Violet at my first full time job in the mid-1970s, while I was still living in Arizona. She was in her 60s at the time; I was 18 when I started there as a file clerk. Violet loved to tell dirty jokes, and she had quite a store of WWII- and depression-era-specific risque jokes. That limerick is the only one I remember after all this time, alas. She kept us all in stitches.

(This is the same place where we (i.e. the five member female staff), when the boss put up the Playboy centerfold in the storage room, after some discussion we responded by putting up a Playgirl centerfold right next to the Playboy one. At that point, the boss decided we should take them both down.)
LOL...I love it - equal time!
We were in two side-by-side offices. The boss was in one office with his secretary; the rest of us in the room next door. We set up an "early warning system" - i.e., we put up the poster in the supply room, and his secretary said she'd call us in as soon as she saw him go in there. He actually didn't go in there all that often - that's what his staff was for, after all. But eventually he went inside, she called us, and we were all ringed around the supply room door when he came out. I have never seen a man blush so red in my life. The Playgirl centerfolds were full frontal male nudity, and they always chose well-endowed guys. He just couldn't take the sight of a naked dick. He mumbled and grumbled and then said to take both the posters down.
I like the concept of Stark Tower, but I too wonder why the staff doesn't do more. Jarvis is as all knowing as one could get . . . BTW why doesn't Jarvis know that Coulson is alive????
Good point - Jarvis *should* know.
Also, Steve curses in the first movie, so that trope is just stupid. The dishes thing is annoying as well. Like Tony Frickin Stark would do dishes. Pffft. He'd shoot them with his gauntlet and have Jarvis order a new set!

I need to finish my Cap_Iron Big Bang! *runs away*
Yikes, I thought I'd answered all comments to my September LJ posts...! Sorry...! Thanks for reminding me Steve curses in the first movie; I'd forgotten that.

And, yeah. Every time I read an Avengers story where ANYONE is doing dishes it throws me right out.

Did you finish your Cap_Iron Big Bang? Link please? :-D
I am done and editing with beta now. Should go live soon! HUGS
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