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September posting Day 4: Remembering Violet

Remembering Violet

I posted yesterday about the MCU and Steve Rogers, and that made me think about a WWII era dirty limerick, which made me think about the women who first told me the joke.

Her name was Violet, and she was a force of nature. She was a coworker at my first full time job, and was 60something when I met her in 1973. She’d lived a full and complicated life, and was always ready for more until a heart condition struck her done just shy of her 65th birthday.

What I remember best about her: Her fearlessness, her acceptance of everyone, her laugh, her sense of humor (she had an endless supply of dirty jokes, many of the specific to WWII and the Depression), her willingness to drive at speeds definitely in excess of Arizona’s 80 mph speed limit, and her spooky psychic abilities. She had a habit of knowing who was pregnant before they even knew. And once a co-worker went shopping on her lunch break and came back with a bag from a gift shop, and asked Violet, “guess what I bought?” And Violet said, “Oh, I dunno – mice?” And the other woman nearly dropped her teeth, then opened the bag to display a set of three ceramic mice.

She‘d been widowed twice, and had lived in various parts of the US, and how she wound up in small town Arizona I don’t even remember.

So a toast to Violet and a life well, if too-shortly, lived.
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