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September posting Day 5: Writing

Writing. As I'm doing it again. It feels weird and it feels good. And - to quote my mother - the process feels "as slow as molasses in January". Well, I was never a fast writer anyway. I',m just glad to be writing again.


And it's very good to hear! It's been too long.
Thanks! :-)
Fast is not important, as long as you enjoy the work then all is good!
Thanks! I've never been a fast writer, and I have to remind myself I didn't write any fic at all for ten years (mid 90s to mid 2000s) and then got back into it. It's good to be back in writing mode.
Woohoo, great to hear that! Might I ask in what fandom you are writing? :-)
Thanks! The Marvel Cinematic Universe - I'm currently writing a (gen) Thor and Loki story. I finished a slash Thor/Loki story a couple of months ago; it's up on AO3.
Ooh, I went to read the Thor/Loki story and enjoyed it immensely, particularly your interpretation of the Destroyer scene and the ending.
I also saw that you've uploaded more of your K/S stories, so those went into my bookmarks for later, yay, thank you! :D
I'm glad you liked the story - thanks for the comments! :-)

I have a couple more of my older K/S stories in progress for uploading. I'm fixing the scanned documents; that takes a bit of time, but I hope to have at least one more up by this weekend.