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September Postings day 9 : Vid Recs # 3: New fandoms

Vid Recs # 3: New fandoms (OK, so I'm still a day behind in my goal to do one post a day every day in September...)

“In the Dark” by bradcpuvids (“Sleepy Hollow”) - New season September 22!

“Can’t Pretend” by gabygal7 – “Thor”, “The Avengers”, “Thor: The Dark World”
I like it when vids incorporate dialogue from the source - particularly a line as crucial as the one line incorporated in this vid.

Icarus by ElianaUncharted (“Captain America: The First Avenger” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”)
Still looking for the perfect Steve Rogers vid, but this one is close.

“Sexy and I know It” by DailyAsgardianNews
Ah, Tony, Tony, Tony…!


Can't Pretend was amazing, thank you so much for linking :-)
You're welcome! I've watched a few dozen Loki vids over the last few months. Here are some of my favorites:


And here's something interesting. It's not a music vid - rather it's one of the scenes in Loki's cell, with the soundtrack from Thor and Frigga's deleted conversation in the background, then it seques to the deleted scene of Loki screaming in his cell, seen in so many music vids, this time with the actual sound.


And, just because I read this today, here's a link to a fannish discussion of TDW.


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Amazing, thank you so much! I particularly enjoyed the fannish discussion and the TDW scene :D

Loki <3
You're very welcome! I have a *lot* of Loki links - to gif sets, meta, vids, and deleted scenes.

Have you seen the featurette "A Brother's Journey"? That's a must-see.

Also, are you familiar with the deleted scenes? I was so startled when I first saw the deleted scene from "Thor" when Frigga gives Loki the kingship after Odin goes into the Odinsleep and what appears to be a chief counselor gives him Gungnir.
If you'd like me to give you a list of links to those gifs, vids, etc/ I'd be happy to do so.
Sure, that would be amazing :D
Here you go. I'll start with a partial list of deleted scenes (there are lots of others, but I have the important Loki scenes here.) I'm also including a link to some movie fan meta.

Thor/The Avengers/The Dark World deleted scenes

Before the coronation; the W3 and Sif before the coronation; Frigga confronts Odin re Thor’s banishment; Thor and Selvig drunken song

Loki is given the kingship

Thor Healing stones scene

Extended scene Thor throws over table, Loki tells guard

The Other tells Loki to lead:

Thor and Frigga discuss Loki:

Thor backs Loki up in his cell

Loki in fur coat

Thor fights with the guards while Loki struggles with his chains – incomplete - there's a longer scene elsewhere but I need to look some more.


I'll send some more links next week. I have a ton of stuff to do this week and won't be online much.

Sorry about the late reply :-)

Thank you for the amazing links! I loved Loki becomes king and Thor and Frigga discuss Loki especially. And the meta link of course. "Thor learning how to stop, listen, be humble, and take abuse is exactly how he became a hero. Loki learning how to act, direct, assert himself and fight is exactly how he became a villain." Will be mulling about that for a while. Yesterday, I rewatched Thor 2. It stood up well to rewatching! I sure hope there will be a Thor 3. They left so many cliff hangers from the last film... :D