catalenamara (catalenamara) wrote,

September posting day 10: My surprising adventure with customer service

When I returned from Shore Leave a few weeks ago my tablet had somehow lost the wifi connection in my house. I use it mainly when I travel, or for reading on the Kindle app on my lunch break at work, so I wasn’t particularly motivated to take any action. However, I recently downloaded a couple of Kindle books from Amazon, so I needed to sync them on my tablet. Nothing I tried worked. So, I dug out the phone number for the cable company and gave them a call.

The voicemail system was easy to navigate.

A representative answered almost immediately.

She solved my problem within five minutes.

Bemused. I wish all contacts with various bureaucracies worked that way…!

(The books I’d bought showed up immediately when I opened the Kindle app. Yay!)
Tags: real life
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