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Loki riding

Only where I live...

I had to slam on my brakes this morning to avoid hitting...

...two peacocks, who were running across the road!

This isn't the first time this has happened, either. A few months ago, four peacocks had both lanes of traffic, coming and going, at a complete standstill because they were milling around in the middle of the road, and wouldn't commit to going one way or the other.

(In the late 1880s, some 'robber baron' decided that he wanted peacocks for his fancy estate, and imported a bunch of them from India. They multiplied!)


completely, completely random.

i told Hy i wanted a peacock the other day.
LOL! Well, they're big! And that's not even with their tails open.

It's fun to watch peahens when the peacocks are displaying their tails. Half the time the peahens walk right past the peacocks, chattering to each other and ignoring the boys.
i could only have one if we had an outdoors big enough, of course ~_^
People keep pet chickens, and I hear that peacocks are, in a way, like great big chickens.

Ever seen an albino one? Here's a gorgeous photo:

wow, that's a really great picture. I've seen them in person but the composition of the photo is really nifty.