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September posting # 14: "Only Lovers Left Alive"

Yay, my copy of “Only Lovers Left Alive” arrived! *Best* vampire movie I’ve seen in years, and not just because I’m such a Tom Hiddleston fan. I saw that movie and seriously wanted to go write and paint and do all kinds of creative things. I loved the exploration of immortality and creativity. The scene where Tilda Swinton’s character chooses her books to pack for her trip is THE best homage to the love of the written word I’ve ever seen.

This little bit from the Los Angeles Times is a good intro:
“UNDERRATED: 'Only Lovers Left Alive' (2014) With the genre feeling drained after "The Strain," the "Twilight" series and the just-departed "True Blood" (to name a few), leave it to Jim Jarmusch to find a way to make the blood-sucking myth feel new. Centered on the relationship between Tilda Swinton's character (wonderfully bizarre as usual) and her depressively reclusive partner (played by Tom Hiddleston), Jarmusch's deceptively tender love story thrives in a world that may be too dark for vampires.”