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September posting # 17: New story

I write stories for two reasons:


I’d rather read than write, and if I can find a well-written story written about a trope I want to read I’m quite happy to read and not bother to write.

So when I ran across this link (and related meta on other websites)…

…about how Thor had worn Loki’s emblem on his vambraces in “The Avengers” as a sign of mourning, and about how his vambraces in “Thor: The Dark World” were blank.

I figured someone *had* to have written a story from either Thor’s POV or Loki’s about the image and its absence.

So I did searches on AO3 using every key word I could think of, with no luck. I posted a fic request on avengers_search, but the only response I got referenced one story with one short paragraph which briefly mentions it.

So, since I didn’t have any luck finding a story to meet my specs I had to write it myself. Here it is:

(Of course, as soon as I finished my story I actually found a story on AO3 dealing with this concept. Though in an entirely different way than I did.)

If I read a story and think – no, it wouldn’t have happened that way.

That was my prime motivation for writing “Reweaving”.

I’d read several “Loki’s future self comes back in time to warn his younger self not to repeat his mistakes and thus escape fate”, and voila, all is well.

I thought – this is Loki. It’s just not going to be that easy. Then I came across this site (because I was trying to figure out how to pronounce seiðr (sorcery), because that word pops up in every other Loki story I’ve read).

I liked the way it explained the Norse concepts of the relationship of weaving with destiny, and knew I had a hook to base my story on. (Lots of the Loki stories I’ve read deal with the concept of weaving and destiny because there’s not one single corner of Norse mythology fans haven’t mined for fic ideas, but none of the future self stories I’ve read include that concept.)
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