catalenamara (catalenamara) wrote,

September posting # 18: Yahoo Groups

Ah, Yahoo groups. I used to belong to so many; they were my “go to” place for online fandom, but now just a couple are active. I loved the linear conversations, the feeling that I could actually keep up with what was going in my fandoms without having to search all through Cyberia (read: tumblr) to keep up on things.

I want a new, improved Yahoo, with linear conversations AND all the great pics, gifs, etc. you can get elsewhere on the net.

I have to sign into Yahoo groups every once in awhile. Up until recently, the link for Groups showed up on the left hand side of the screen, in their list including mail, news, sports, etc. Just recently Yahoo “downgraded” groups so that the link doesn’t show up on the home page at all – you have to click “More Yahoo Sites” to find it.

I hope this isn’t a sign they plan to get rid of it. But considering how temporary most internet spaces have proven to be, I wouldn’t be surprised.
Tags: online fandom
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