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September post # 19: Words that sound the same...

I've only run across this twice. But listening to audio books has made me aware of two words pairs that sound the same and mean precisely the opposite.

I was listening to an audio book today and heards the phrase, "steal her resolve", only the true meaning turned out to be "steel her resolve."

(I had the same issue with raise/raze awhile back.)


English is so full of words that sound the same (or very similar) but have different meanings! And I've come across a lot of them in fanfic. (Spock illiciting logic, anyone?)

But to me the weirdest one is 'sanction'; same spelling, even, one version positive, the other negative - though the negative version tends to add an s to the end.
LOL, "illiciting" logic.

One of my pet peeves in fanfic is using "phase" for "faze".

You are so right about "sanction". I wonder how those two opposite meanings evolved?
Great list - thanks for the link! There are lots more of these than I realized.