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Loki riding

Turkish Trek

Is this totally weird or what?


Thanks to Chatte for pointing this out.


Thanks for the link--I'd seen it before--actually... somethingawful is the site that wrote such horrible things about me and K/S last September and was responsible for me getting about a hundred pieces of hate mail, so they're not on my "good list"...

The man who runs the site claims he only makes fun of fans and other internet subcultures because he wants them to realize how weird they are so that they reintegrate their talents into society--in his opinion, the fact that people like me write fic is taking away my attention from writing real, original fic and therefore the world misses out. This is crap, of course, because before K/S I had completely stopped writing stories at all since I was fifteen and I suspect a lot of people only create *because* of fandom.

Sorry for the totally random offtopic post :-)
What a jerk! I remember when that happened, but didn't remember who was responsible. I only write because of fandom. I've done professional writing, and it wasn't a wonderful experience, and I like fanfic a lot better.

Um, I do have to ask the obvious. If all of us fanfic writers are wasting our time, what is *he* doing? Running a website like that must take a lot of time and trouble. How about *him* reintegrate *his* talents (such as they are) into society...!
Um, I do have to ask the obvious.

I know, right? Why does this seem so obvious to me&you, and not to the SA.com jerks? ;-)
Loki riding

April 2019

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