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Apollo Sunrise

September post # 23: "Forever"

What a mashup! I kept on thinking about at least a dozen shows I've seen before. But Ioan Gruffudd is still pretty, and it was entertaining enough that it'll be one of those shows I "watch" while getting other stuff done.


Ioan is really pretty. it's an interesting take on immortally that looks fun.
I have totally changed my mind on this show - I *love* it! This, and "Gotham" are my favorite new shows this year. What about you?
i'm a few episodes behind on gotham but i like it so far. i just wish i knew if fox renewed it. that network always makes me nervous when it come to sci-fi/fantasy shows. Forever is just a cute show, i love the interpersonal relationships between everyone.
I haven't watched it yet, but I do have two episodes on the DVR. So, I suppose that it's wait and see.