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Black Widow

Ultron mini-post

I was going to make a long thinky post about Ultron, which I mostly liked – a lot! Well, except for them cutting out Tom Hiddleston’s Loki cameo - and I had to LOL that 15 out of 20 Ultron articles on an aggregate site pointed that fact out.

But I don’t have time right now to write a long thinky post, and anyway, I need to see Ultron a couple more times because watching this movie was like speed-reading an abridged book – it made me hyper-aware of all that hit the cutting room floor. (They certainly had better release an extended version at their earliest opportunity.... With that Loki clip restored. :-)

Point I liked – a lot: The character with the most to lose (Clint Barton) – didn’t. (Oh - and spoiler! - the dog didn't die!)

So. Today’s post. Once I started reading MCU fic I quickly realized that if an Original Character shows up in one story, then shows up again in an entirely different story by an entirely different author, chances are 100% that the character is actually from comicsverse canon.

And when an “Original Character” shows up in Ulton? Comicsverse canon. Though apparently AU.

I give you Laura Barton.



Posted to LJ and Dreamwidth. Comment wherever you prefer. :-)


Your geek game is on point. Do you know how many people think laura is a 2 dimensional mary-sue throwaway?

I'm hoping for extended footage too but overall I had a good time with this movie, James Spader did a great job as ultron and Vision was amazing.
I'm not in the least bit surprised that a lot of people think Laura is a Mary Sue throwaway. But with all the reboots, retconns, AUs, what if stories, etc., etc, that have gone on in 70 years of comic book canon, I would have been shocked if they *hadn't* taken a character from the comicsverse for this role.

Spader was awesome! I love the way they put Stark's personality into Ultron and the way Spader interpreted it. And I was *very* satisfied with how they presented Vision. I was about to get very upset over JARVIS's death, but now that he's been reincarnated (partially?) into something new I find I really like this turn of events.
Hehe. I haven't read as much fic but suspected something similar. I didn't know there was a Loki cameo! I hope it ends up on DVD (and then, youtube) or something. I miss Loki something fierce.

With you on Vision and Jarvis' death. I really liked the Clint background, too, and the Bruce-Natasha thing, although it was unexpected.
Oops, I thought I’d answered this. Several months back Idris Elba let slip he and Tom Hiddleston had filmed a scene together for Ultron, and for awhile Hiddleston was listed as “Loki” in the IMDB listing for Ultron. Here’s two links which explain why the scene was deleted:

I sure hope we get to see the deleted scene later on, either as an extra on the DVD or Blu-Ray, or part of an extended version. It’s my understanding approximately 40 minutes were cut from Ultron’s running time. That includes the glimpse of the mysterious woman who was in several of the trailers who appears in the scene when Thor is in the pool. Fan speculation is that she is either Hela, or Lady Death. If either is true I’d vote for the former because it’s certainly within possibility that character will be in Ragnarok, whereas Lady Death, if she ever shows up in the MCU at all, will be in Avengers ¾ (The Infinity War) because of the tie with Thanos.

I watched Ultron again today and will probably do another post with more thoughts.

(I’m working on a couple of new Loki stories, and hope to post at least one of them by early June.)
(Sorry about the lateness of my reply, I was on holiday.)

That's so interesting about the deleted scenes. I agree, it would have been too much for one film. The screenrant link contains the most delicious images of Loki, though. Mhmm... Now I am really looking forward to Thor: Ragnarok again. The title implies many good things and I have been intrigued by the ending of Thor: Dark World. Too bad it's such a long time to go yet.

Oooh, new Loki stories by you? That sounds fantastic. :D