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Last chance to download some amazing Marvel Cinematic Universe fic

It always makes me so sad when a writer takes her work down from the net. One of my absolute favorite writers, goddamnhella, has just taken down all her work from AO3. BUT, she’s put a link on her tumblr, for a limited time, for people to download the files.


She writes absolutely wonderful Marvel Cinematic Universe fic, and some other fandoms as well. She’s written what is my all-time-favorite Frostiron (Loki/Tony Stark) stories, “Winterheart”, which I have recced to lots of people. I highly rec it here – and her other work as well.

I had only just finished reading her latest story, "Papercut Heart" and hadn't gotten around to leaving kudos and commenting. I wish I had taken the time.

Papercut Heart by goddamnhella
Summary: Had Tony really forgotten to tell the team he had the arc reactor removed? The look in Steve's eyes said he had. In which Steve is desperately lonely, Tony is oblivious, and Natasha is sick of the whole song and dance. Friendship wasn't supposed to be this hard, was it?

Winterheart by goddamnhella
Summary: For his crimes, Loki’s punishment began in a lonely and endless winter. For Tony’s sacrifice, his imprisonment began with a rescue. A story of ugliness and beauty, inside and out - and learning what the word ‘monster’ really means.

So, if you’re interested in reading her stories, act now – I don’t know how long she’ll keep the link up.


Already gone, but she's done this before, so they may be back later.
I really hate it when people do this. I mean, they clearly have the right to do it but it still makes fandom a little less 'happy' when they do. It would be one thing if they planned to publish their things as o-fic but other than that... :'(

This has happened too many times now and it's just depressing.

I wish her the best though. I hope that things work out better now but already fandom is just that wee bit darker. *sigh*

(I'm laSamtyr @ AO3 btw.)
it's already gone at 11am PDT.
never mind. I saw the new link.
? I don't see a new link?
yeah, I think it's gone now. PM me though, okay?
Well poop, just tried but it says you've got privacy on?
oops. my bad. email me: jo at rittenhurst dot com
Hey, does someone still has a working link with downloading her fanfics? Or just fics so maybe I could email you? I just found out about it and I'm soo sad:(
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