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Egyptian Goddess


 I'm sorry to see Imzy going out of business.  I had thought/hoped it would be a good meld of the best of LJ/DW and tumblr, but unfortunately it didn't catch on.


Posted to LJ and Dreamwidth. Comment wherever you prefer. :-)


It sounds vaguely familiar, and I may even have joined, but there were so many start-ups for awhile there, that I can see how some got lost in the shuffle.
I really had intended to try to participate more fully on Imzy. I'd joined a couple of comms there and really liked what they were doing. It had everything I like about LJ conversations plus all the tumblr/facebook functions of photos, gifs, and vids. I didn't have the time, though; this was last year when I was dealing with all the consequences of being out of my home and then moving back in. I'd wanted to spend more time there this year, but the world changed and I started spending my spare time on political activities. I regret this missed opportunity - I really felt Imzy came as close to the platform fans have been asking for.