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Fan Auction to benefit Puerto Rico: fic, art, vids, crafts, etc. I'm offering a story.

I’ve signed up to write a story for the “Fandom Loves Puerto Rico” charity auction.

If you’re not familiar with these sorts of fannish auctions, they’ve been organized many times over the past years as benefits to raise funds for disaster relief. The first one I was aware of was for the Haiti earthquake.

How it works: Fans offer various items, such as fic, art, vids, beta services, handcrafted items, etc., which usually include customization of the fic or item for the winning bidder. Fans are given a certain amount of time to bid for the item. The winner then donates the bid amount to the charity and emails a screencap of the receipt or other proof of donation to the creator. Then the creator and winning bidder can discuss further details.

The auction went live on October 17th.

Deadline for bids is October 23rd.

Here’s the main link:

Fandom Loves Puerto Rico

Here’s a “how to” FAQ:

I’m offering a 1,000+ word fic with a minimum bid of $10.00. Go to the bottom of the page.

Here’s my page

There’s lots of fandoms to choose from. Over 300 people have signed up to create items for this charity. Here’s the list of fandoms with links to the people who are creating works in each fandom.

Here’s the chosen charity: ConPRmetidos. I googled and found out: The nonprofit is based in Puerto Rico, and is accepting donations that will be first be used for the immediate needs of food, shelter and water, and later transitioned to long-term recovery efforts.

The organizers said: “The reason that we've chosen ConPRmetidos is because of their focus on long term, sustained repair of Puerto Rico's infrastructure. They'll be fixing roads, hospitals, homes, and the electrical grid. They're financing local companies and local efforts. They're working with the Puerto Rican National Guard to coordinate resources and fill financing gaps. And they're not going to leave in a couple weeks.”

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