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Loki Jotunheim

Ragnarok spoiler

I just saw "Thor: Ragnarok" - pretty overwhelming; I need to see it again a few more times. There was a bit too much humor for me, considering the darkness of the basic concept. Fic will fix that. I am already getting fic ideas.

I'm thinking about the implications of Loki-as-Odin's play about his own heroic "death". Specifically the scene where Odin finds baby Loki (depicted in the play as a child.) Clearly, everyone in Asgard now knows Loki is Jotunn. And clearly, Loki doesn't mind them knowing that. Is he now completely reconciled with his ancestry? The "adopted" comments no longer seem to have that nasty sting they had in "Avengers". I have to watch it again to see how those comments play out. How will Jotunheim feature in fic in the future? So many thoughts...


For some reason I never got notification of your reply to my post – I just ran across it right now.

Agreed about Ragnarok; those bad jokes and pratfalls were distracting and made me uncomfortable (though it sure did earn Marvel a pile of money). However, I’ve seen it several times now, ignoring all the bad jokes in order to focus entirely on the Thor & Loki scenes as well as all the background information on the politics of imperialist Asgard. I’m writing Ragnarok fic now, and need to get all the details in my head before tackling stories. I hope to start posting them soon.

The eye-popping color is fine with me because I was reading Marvel comics back in the late 60s when Jack Kirby was the primary artist. Their deliberate homage by their reconstruction of his OTT style pleased me no end.

I’ve been discussing with friends and reading a lot of meta about the implications of how Loki could be so reconciled with his heritage that he’s willing for all Asgard to know he’s Jotunn. We’ve been discussing how he’s been rewriting his own story in every way, including making that moment on Jotunheim his way of being the active redeemer of Odin, of how rescuing/adopting Loki “melted this old fool’s heart”.

If you read fic, I recommend “A Punch and Judy Kind of Guy” by KhamanV, that shows Loki’s motivations for writing the play in the first place. (It’s gen).


Summary: Left to his own devices (and an absolutely heroic pile of alcohol) Loki, now posing as the King of Asgard, decides to take a shot at fixing his presumably deceased identity's little PR problem in the most dramatic of ways.
It goes okay.
Written for a tumblr prompt by Clarisima, who suggested the idea of a very tired, very wasted new 'king' coming up with his own horrible idea of emotional therapy.
Loki riding

May 2019

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