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What a long, strange year it’s been.  I can’t even begin to describe the rollercoaster it’s been; lots of downs, not a lot of ups.  Here’s hoping 2018 will be better for all of us.


One way I’ve been coping is writing fic.  My total word count for this year is 73,600, beating last year’s word count of 68,864.   Icon choice, Thor & Loki, because the word count of my two thorki stories combined beat the word count of my Steve Rogers fic by 6,754 words. 


This year I took part in the Marvel Big Bang 2017 and the Captain America Reverse Big Bang 2017.  I love these challenges, because they sure get me writing.


I did sign up for the hc-bingo challenge but am not going to make the January 10 deadline due to a major end of year deadline.  I currently have three WIPs going, and ideas for the other two stories, and hope to finish and post them within the next couple of months.


My 2017 fic:



Father Figures – 31,487 words; (Marvel Big Bang 2017); (Thor/Loki; sequel to last year’s “Secret Identities”)

Silly Ragnarok Drabble – 100

Reciprocity – 32,123; (Captain America Reverse Big Bang 2017); (Gen, Loki & Steve Rogers)

Lock and Key – 7,480; (fixit fic, Frigga lives, Thor/Loki)




Sensate – 2,410 (Kirk/Spock, published in the KiSCon 2017 conzine); (post Camus II).


Posted to LJ and Dreamwidth. Comment wherever you prefer. :-)

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