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Wonder Woman

Justice League

I finally got to see “Justice League”. I was too busy in December on a big deadline project. I’d already picked out an early January date to see it – and then came down with the flu. Wound up in the ER. Altogether a sucky week. By the time I’d recovered, JL was out of the first run theaters.

I decided to keep my eye on the second run theater, and it showed up there last week. Can’t beat a $2.50 ticket price for a twilight show. I don’t mind the 50 year old hard-as-a-rock old style seats or the slanted floor which has definitely seen much better days. You get what you pay for, after all. :-) I frequently wait for movies to show up here – the price of first run tickets is ridiculous.

I liked the movie better than I expected to – but I wasn’t expecting much after “Dawn of Justice” (I fell asleep during that one.) “Wonder Woman” is the only DC movie I’ve 100% enjoyed in years –that one was pretty damn awesome.

Highlights of JL – the secondary characters. I wasn’t familiar with Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, but his character was intriguing and I’d love to see him in a solo movie. I also really liked Aquaman, (a character I thought was yawningly boring back when I was a kid). He was the best part of this movie and I’m looking forward to his solo movie, should it come about. Wonder Woman was fine too, and I hope we’ll see her in another solo movie. I also liked Bruce Wayne’s realization of his own limitations and mortality.

However, I have never once warmed up to Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman. I didn’t see any chemistry between him and anyone else. And how can any actress make Lois Lane boring? This one managed. The scene between her and Clark in the cornfield, and the scene between them at the end at the farmhouse should have been far more emotionally powerful than they were.

(My favorite Lois Lane: Smallville. My favorite Superman: Dean Cain in Lois and Clark. DC always seems to do better on TV than in the movies.)

Boring villain. I know I read Jack Kirby’s “New Gods” comics back in the 70s, but don’t remember anything about them. Considering how many I read at the time, not surprising. Turns out Steppenwolf was introduced in this storyline.

I really wish DC could make more movies for me to love. They succeeded with “Wonder Woman”, so I haven’t lost all hope.


I'm still waiting my turn from the library copy of this movie. Nice to hear it's pretty good. But, you know, they've been running Dawn of Justice on cable, and I've actually warmed up to it. Still can't stand the Lex Luthor character, but I do like how Bruce Wayne is portrayed. I just wish they had filled in how he got to where he was. What happened to stately Wayne manor? Or did they pick up from the first Christian Bale movie?

I agree about Cavill. He's had to make Superman too stoned-faced, too serious. He was much more relaxed as Napoleon Solo.

Never did watch Smallville, so my favorite Lois is from Lois and Clark. Favorite Superman will ever and always be Christopher Reeve.
It occurs to me I only ever saw the first Christian Bale movie. When Heath Ledger died I just couldn't bring myself to see his movie. I don't usually react that way to actors passing away before a movie was released but for some reason I couldn't this time. I never saw the third one either - looking at the release date I see why; work was very busy and I had a lot of RL going on as well. One of these days I'll rewatch the first and see the other two.

I'd be willing to give Dawn of Justice another try, primarily because I did like the portrayal of Bruce Wayne. LOL, I remember describing Lex Luthor's character in this version as Mark Zuckerberg on crack.

I liked Cavill in Man From UNCLE, so it's either the direction or his choice to play Superman as so emotionally removed from everything. His performance is about as opposite of my concept of Clark Kent as you can get.

Lois from "Lois and Clark" is my second favorite Lois.

Oh, LOL, I've been getting comic book compilations from the library and have been reading some 1980s Thor comics. Thor's mortal alter ego Donald Blake has been eliminated due to complicate plot reasons (i.e., the spell on Mjolnir that altered Thor into a mortal has been transferred to another character). So now Thor is always Thor, but he's given a human identity named Sigurd Jarlson by SHIELD and part of that is just wearing his hair in a ponytail and wearing glasses. He's skeptical that a pair of glasses will hide his identity. In one scene he opens a door, knocking over a male reporter wearing glasses. A female reporter, named Lois, complains her unnamed companion is clumsy. The male reporter gets up, looks at "Sigurd", thinks he looks familiar, then thinks "nah" and goes on his way.

I've been meaning to respond to this for awhile. As you can see, I'm a bit behind, lol. Anyway, I think it's probably better to just watch the first Bale Batman movie. It sort of fits into how Bruce is being portrayed by Affleck. I liked the two other movies, but they don't fit very well into my Batman fanon.

I'm looking forward to seeing The Justice League movie, though I have to wonder, where's Green Lantern? Couldn't they afford Ryan Reynolds? ;-)

I'm not sure why they went with such a stoic Superman. I never picked that up from the comics, or any of the other movies. I loved how human Reeve made him.

I never read Marvel, except for Spiderman, so I know nothing about the characters. I watched the first Thor movie, and, while I enjoyed it, I didn't get caught up with the characters. The three Toby McGuire Spiderman movies are the only other Marvel movies I've seen. Oh, wait, there was one other. I have the first three X-Men movies as a set. I tried watching the first one and couldn't get into it.