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I'm at this stage right now...

I'm at this stage right now...

Posted to LJ and Dreamwidth. Comment wherever you prefer. :-)


Lol, yeah, that's it. But I know you'll piece it together eventually and that it'll be great. :-)
Thanks! I've made some progress. I have one chapter completed, three more roughed out, and a whole mess of notes still refuses to gel into any coherent order for the chapters after that. So, progress! :-)
Oh this is so perfect and so true!! I'm starting a Big Bang story and I don't think I've even got all the puzzle pieces out of the box yet! Thanks for sharing this!
Good luck with your Big Bang story! Yes - it sure is hard getting all those puzzle pieces out of the box. Until I actually post a story (and sometimes after) I'm convinced I've lost some of those puzzle pieces.
I adore that meme...it's sooo true. I commiserate and know the feeling well! Good luck, you'll piece it together ;-)