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New Loki story: Infinity War canon divergence

New Loki story – Infinity War Canon Divergence

(Remember a few weeks ago I made a post about struggling to put all the puzzle pieces of a story together? This, finally, is that story.)

Contrary to my policy to never post WIPs, I began posting my new Loki story “On Yggdrasil’s Branches” in early April. I started writing it several weeks before “Infinity War” came out, because I had a strong suspicion they were going to do two things which would royally piss me off and I figured I’d write pre-emptive canon-divergence. I set it up, though, so that if IW went in another direction, this story could, as well.

Well, Marvel did exactly the two things I hoped they wouldn’t do.

First, I’ll just say the way they killed Loki just sucked and was also full of plot holes. (I’ve been ranting about that elsewhere on the net.)

But there’s another issue. I was very invested in the Ragnarok storyline of rescuing the surviving Asgardians. Refugee issues are important to me, and I really wanted to see them all set up in Asgardia, floating above (or on the surface of) Norway. Or even Broxton, OK, like in the comic books.

That did not happen. And though the rumors are flying that Valkyrie, Korg, etc. managed to save some of the Asgardians and they’ll be back in Avengers 4, seeing all those bodies in the ship and floating in space just crushed me.

There’s this unrecognized trope in movies about which people are worth saving/resurrecting (humans) and which lives can be discarded without a thought (aliens). The first Star Trek reboot movie? Destroy Vulcan and 6 billion people, but hey, earth gets saved, so Win! In Infinity War, destroy Xandar, Knowhere, Nidavellir, and lots of Asgardians before the opening credits? Do a timey-wimey thing and presto, resurrection! For some. But what about the rest of them?

I hope TPTB at Marvel realizes the implication of who gets to be resurrected, and who stays dead. How far back will they go? If it’s just to unsnap the ones who got snapped – IIRC primarily if not exclusively the people on earth we’ve seen (vs. all the rest of the beings in the universe we have not seen) – but not all the aliens who died before the opening credits (AKA, we don’t need to worry about the deaths of “the others” as long as “we” survive), I have a big problem with that. Come on, Marvel. Don’t go there.

“On Yggdrasil’s Branches”

BTW, writing a WIP? Feels like being on a trapeze without a net. I hope I can pull this one off.
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