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Loki Ragnarok

Sometimes those cryptic notes make sense...

Whenever I'm in the middle of writing a long story - like now - random bits of inspiration pop up in my mind at inconvenient times, such as when I'm in the shower, or the middle of the night, or, frequently, when I'm at work taking a brief break. At work I hastily scribble down my thoughts on repurposed postit notes, stick them in my purse and hope they make sense later on.

Sometimes they do. Sometimes when I thought was sheer brilliance at the time was meh. And sometimes they make no sense at all.

So today I was putting in some notes I made yesterday at work and one postit completely baffled me. It sounded like it belonged to some other story entirely.

So I took a break, read a fic, and something in that fic made me realize (proverbial light bulb here) - the reason why it sounded like it was supposed to be in another story was actually because it's meant to be the briefest of flashbacks in this one. Yay! And, it is part of an important emotional plot point. I would have thought I would have remembered that, but no.

I still have several other random incomprehensible notes on my desk. I have to remember that just because I assure myself I'll certainly remember what this note was supposed to mean - chances are I won't. I need to be more explicit - such as "this note will appear in this story HERE."

Posted to LJ and Dreamwidth. Comment wherever you prefer. :-)


Glad to hear that you figured out where the note went! And a long fic? K/S or some other fandom (though I'm keeping my fingers crossed for K/S. *g*)

I try to write done those little snippets of inspiration, but sometimes I'm not near paper and pen, so they just float away.
Thanks. I was so pleased when the whole scene popped back in my head. It's a small detail, but an important one, and my note will make the scene a bit more complex.

It's Marvel. I'm doing that thing I said I'd never do - posting a WIP. It's quite the challenge.

I do have a couple of K/S WIPs, and Dovya and I are planning to do another K/S zine. If we can pull it off and find support on tumblr, etc., we plan to do it in the new style of a fancy hardcover book, like they have in new fandoms.

Sometimes I've gotten those snippets of inspiration (great way to describe them) while driving, and have tried to repeat them to myself several times. And I've called my own voicemail at traffic lights and left myself a message. I remember writing a note at a traffic stop on the back of a utility bill. Otherwise, as you say, they just float away.
Wow, I hear ya, Cat! I'm doing edits on my profic right now and have to be careful to write enough detail so I know what's what! :)

Good luck with your profic! Detail is crucial with longer pieces; I need these memory jogs.
I have 4 notebooks full of such notes! It's almost embarrassing, especially when I can't remember the story^^
Wow, four notebooks! I'm not very prolific, but I do have an envelope with stray postits and other pieces of paper with cryptic notes that I was never able to figure out what I had in mind when I wrote the note.
Yes, now I put the fic's title or pairing at least with the note. *laughs* Saves a lot of confusion later on.
That's a great idea! I still have a couple of postits that I can't match up to anything I'm writing, much less remember whatever it was I had in mind at the time.
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