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Tumblr's going for the gold in the "sheer incompetence" category. Gotta laugh at all the posts they're labelling as porn, such as closeup facial portraits of people like Jared Padalecki, or pictures of shirtless men such as Chris Hemsworth as Thor (or closeup facial portraits of Chris Hemsworth), or fully clothed people hugging, or various innocuous children's toys. Et Cetera. Et Cetera.

I never did much with it - I'm working longer hours than I have in the past, and have a longer commute - so I need to find my fandom interests with pinpoint accuracy and not waste my time in something that chaotic.

Awhile back at Escapade convention, I attended a "how to Tumblr" panel. The answer to one of my questions surprised me. I explained that I'd been accessing Tumblr via Google. I'd go to Google, type in a fandom-specific meta question (such as "historical context for Steve Rogers"), and frequently Tumblr posts would pop up. I found a lot of great Tumblr posts that way.

My question at the panel was, here's what I'm doing - now, how do I find this same level and quality of information directly on Tumblr?

The answer was: stick with Googling.


I won't even talk about the lack of ability to have real conversations with real people there. I know people could and did form communities there, but I always found it an impenetrable wall, and due to my schedule I could never devote enough time to learning all the tweaks and add-ons people recommended.

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