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Snowflake Challenge Day 8

Day 8
In your own space, post self-recs for at least three fanworks that you created.

When I got into Marvel, I quickly discovered how much I liked frostiron stories (Loki/Tony Stark). I’ve written several Loki/Thor stories, and several Loki/Steve stories, and some gen, but I’ve never quite been able to master Tony Stark’s rapid-fire pop-culture-reference style of speaking. So I decided to venture sideways into frostiron by doing a Victoriam Steampunk A/U titled “False God”, using the fannish trope of Loki as an actual god.

One of the things I learned about Loki fandom – at least the corner I’m in – is that I had to get up to speed quickly on Norse mythology, Viking customs, and decades of comic book plotlines. For the first several months I was in this fandom I kept Google and Wikipedia open at all times to look up unfamiliar references.

I quickly realized how fragmented and inconsistent the actual mythology was, and further reading inspired one of the tropes I use in this story – Myth Loki as god of fire. Academic meta posit this version of the myths with him as an archetype of chaotic neutral intellectual creativity and as an avatar of the Prometheus myth, giving fire to mortals.

False God
In a world where gods play favorites in the lives of mortals, Tony Stark has always been especially beloved by the gods.

“Sacrifices” is a Kirk/Spock story I wrote in 2007. A common theme in fic set post-Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and post-Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home deals with how Kirk and Spock re-establish their relationship after Spock’s death and resurrection, particularly regarding the degree of amnesia he experienced. I like to “flip tropes”, and I started wondering, what if the Vulcan healers, due to their cultural norms, decided when they fused Spock’s katra back into his body, suppressed his emotions. What if Spock remembers *everything* about his relationship with Kirk – but feels nothing?

Uniquely among my stories, the process of writing this story was like writing poetry, rather than prose. I’ve written quite a bit of poetry over the years, fannish and semi-pro, but find the mental process is somewhat different for poetry than prose. However when I wrote this story, it simply appeared to me, exactly like lines of poetry, revealing themselves to me one at a time.

Kirk founds out exactly what Spock remembers after the fal-tor-pan.

I enjoyed taking part in challenges such as “Big Bangs”. Having an absolute deadline keeps me focused and working, rather than doing my usual ADD heading off in 20 directions at the same time.

For the 2015 Avengers Fest, I wrote a Loki/Steve Rogers story, “Those Who Favor Ice”, based on the prompt “The Jotun (Loki at their head) save Earth from the Chitauri.”

It’s canon-divergence from the MCU at the point where Sif and the Warriors Three defy Loki and go to earth to meet with Thor. In my version, Heimdall charges them with treason, Loki remains regent until Odin wakes from his trance/sleep, and then leaves Asgard.

I got so many ideas for this story that it quickly became obvious to me that, in order to meet the deadline, I’d either have to do a massive word dump of back story, or else find another way to explain “what happened before”. So, for the prologue and epilogue, I told that part of the plot in “fairy tale” style, and wrote the rest of the story in a conventional narrative style.

This story was the first time I’d written Steve Rogers. Though the story was set in the present, I gave a lot of thought to stories my mother told me about living through the Great Depression and other aspects of life in the 30s and 40s. (My mother was born a few years prior to Steve’s fictional birthdate.) I also found some great information at the “Historically Accurate Steve Rogers” site, and used these details to highlight Steve’s feelings of disconnection from the 21st century.

Those Who Favor Ice

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