catalenamara (catalenamara) wrote,

Fan fic references on TV shows

Catching up with “Agents of SHIELD”, I was entertained by the fanfic reference in the 4th season episode “Hot Potato Soup”. One of the Koenigs fanboys Daisy Johnson (“Quake”) and tells her there’s a whole fanfic community for her, and some people are shipping Quake and Black Widow. So of course I had to go look, and there are 102 Daisy/Natasha stories here:*s*Skye%20%7C%20Daisy%20Johnson/works

(That reminds me, I haven’t used my Black Widow icon in a long time, so here it is.)

Posted to LJ and Dreamwidth. Comment wherever you prefer. :-)
Tags: black widow, daisy johnson, fan fic references in the media, marvel, natasha romanov

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