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Fannish Weekend Day 2: SGA and BASCon vids!

Fannish Weekend – Day 2

We headed out to Riverside County on Saturday to visit a friend. The goal of my friends: to pimp me into Stargate Atlantis fandom. To this end, we watched several SGA episodes (I’ve never seen this show before) and watched all the SGA music vids from the BASCon music vid DVD.

Fun show! I had an entirely different impression from it from the vids I’ve seen. For example, the two leads both seem like sidekicks – this show doesn’t seem to have the traditional hero. Or else the main guy doesn’t somehow look/act like the traditional hero. Or... not sure what I mean, but it sure is different from what I expected.

I can see reading fic in this fandom, particularly since I see some favorite authors in the archives.

Been reading LJ today, and between that and watching a bunch of SF TV shows recently, I’m feeling slightly better about my most recent K/S story. Comments have been made in various LJs on how all the various SF shows borrow plots from each other... and they do... So if the pros are doing it, why can’t I? My latest K/S story, now in rewrite, is an AU, and half the time I feel I’ve never read anything like this in this fandom before, and half the time I feel I’ve borrowed from every single SF show/movie I’ve ever seen. I mean, I have a chase through an asteroid belt, for god’s sake! Which was actually fun to write.

Back to the fannish day. We also watched a bunch of other vids from the BASCon DVD, and I’d like to rec my favorites:

“Data’s Dream” – this vid, by Gayle and Tashery, is always fabulous, even more so in its latest incarnation. Its sweep and beauty and flow – mmm! I always play ‘guess the movie’, and there’s still a few I don’t recognize, but everything blends together into this wonderful fantasy universe where all of our heroes and heroines come out to play.

“Hallelujah” by Zoe Rayne and Rache was the vid which made me curious to actually watch SGA. This song is one of my favorites – haunting, evocative, a perfect vidding song. Now that I’ve seen a few episodes I need to watch this again.

“Kid Fears” by Shalott. I am not fond of most aspects of the new Star Wars trilogy, (LOL, I nearly spelled that “Star Warts”) though I have been known to read TPM slash, mostly by people I know. Shalott did a wonderful job of incorporating footage from all six movies into this vid; the emotions she evoked with this song and her choice of images linked these plotlines together in a far more emotionally meaningful way than Lucas achieved.

“Wild Wild West” by Bunniqula for “Sorority Boys”. What can I say? I’m a Michael Rosenbaum slut. I heard this song on the radio the day after watching this vid, and all I could visualize were Michael’s hysterical facial expressions and the way he flipped his wigs around. Particularly to the lyrics, “She’s so mean but I don’t care... I love her eyes and her wild wild hair!”

“Footloose” by SDWolfpup. I’ve never been a Next Genner, but never has anyone so brilliantly shown why so many people pair up Picard and Q. Fabulous musical timing, great clips.

“Happy Happy Birthday Song” by Kimera for Smallville. We all were ROTFLing for this one.

“A Day in the Life” by Shalott and Speranza for “The Dead Zone”. The first half of the BASCon vid show ended with this song, and that was an excellent choice. It left the audience stunned, and then buzzing.

This is one of *the* best vids I’ve seen in *any* fandom. Its sheer emotional power is staggering. I’ve never seen this version of “The Dead Zone”, but it’s one of my favorite Stephen King books, and it was quickly clear to me I didn’t need to have seen a single frame of this show to be mesmerized by the power and skill and emotional insight in this vid. Bravo!!!

“Puttin’ On the Ritz” by Killa and Tzikeh. Every time I see this vid I can’t get that song out of my head for days...! Killa and Tzikeh took clips from what seems like every musical ever made and put them all together in a vid with such speed and zip and style it almost makes me want to go and tap dance..... Almost. (OK, everyone, please remove that image from your heads...!)

“Crush Story” by the Clucking Belles for “The Tick”. I know absolutely nothing about this movie, but one of my friends did and she quite liked this vid. It’s very cute!

“Late Model Love” by Laura Shapiro for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. I just loved this! The song uses automotive metaphors to describe a woman’s love affairs; Laura uses images of all of Buffy’s guys, from Angel to Spike! (yeah Spike!) to go with the clever lyrics.

The show ended with “Holding Out For a Hero” by Katheryn. Now, we’ve seen this song used a million times in fandom. So, what a surprise it was when this vid starts out with a scene from Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman – and then Xena leaps in, and all the heroines are off and running. The ending, with Hermione, is perfect, and had the BASCon audience cheering.

There were a lot of other great vids in this show; the quality of all was uniformly excellent. Congrats to morgandawn and everyone else involved in putting on this great show.

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