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The latest information on KiScon 2019, the Kirk/Spock convention

 KiScon, the K/S convention, is being held again in Seattle November 1-3, 2019. The website link is below:

There are some issues with the website, however. 
The registration portion of the website is working fine, so you can go ahead and register at the website. 

However, the contact form on the website does not seem to be working. (They haven't gotten any questions through the contact form.)

Please use instead of the website contact form if you need to contact the con committee with any questions or concerns.

There will be an e-zine for Kiscon. Please send questions, suggestions and submissions to Holly at :

Please send in your submissions as soon as possible, but no later than October 1st. They are interested in any length of fiction, from drabbles and flash fiction to long stories, and anything in between. Plus they are hoping for poetry submissions and any kind of artwork. New K/S writers and artists are encouraged to contribute to the zine! 

Kiscon also needs submissions for their 3 vid shows. If interested, please see link below for detailed information :

It should be a fun convention in beautiful Seattle. The con committee hopes to see some of you there! 

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