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Fannish Weekend Day 3 and Killa's Vids

Fannish Weekend – Day 3

On day 2 we stayed up half the night talking, so we thus spent most of Day 3 being lazy, talking talking talking, watching more vids, and hunting for leftovers in the fridge.

“S” hasn’t kept up with K/S or TOS fandom in recent years, and I felt that needed to be remedied, so I showed her the following five vids:

“Razzle Dazzle” by Tjonesy, Killa and Hafital. This is a fun tribute to Kirk, doing what Kirk does best, whether it’s baffling the enemy with bullsh*t (scenes from “I, Mudd” and “A Piece of the Action”) or fighting the enemy (“Gamesters of Triskelion” and “Tomorrow Is Yesterday”) or parading around barechested, in a towel and a big winning smile. The vid featured loads of those charming little-boy who-me? smiles. Gotta love that “They’ll beg you for more...” line paired with the image of Kirk putting his boots on after just boffing Deela.

Next we saw “Layla” by Tjonesy. I describe this vid to people by saying it incorporates a scene from every TOS episode plus the movies. This is a simple description, it doesn’t convey the emotional power of this vid. Everyone I’ve shown “Layla” to has been very moved; they always comment on how many memories this brings back. From that wonderful shared look between K&S in “Where No Man Has Gone Before” to the end where Kirk is seated back in his chair, ready for a new adventure, this vid conveys the entire heroic sweep of their lives. I love the way she fades from the older K&S to their younger counterparts, then has the Enterprise warping off into the unknown. The editing and matching of the music to the music is precise and wonderful. Brilliant achievement.

“Closer” by Killa and Tjonesy. Words always fail me where I try to talk about this vid. They used existing scenes to create an entirely new “episode” and that, combined with the raw power of this Nine Inch Nails song, created a vid I find utterly compelling and quite disturbing. They took a storyline that has been done a zillion times in fan fic - the pon farr rape story – and make it new and fresh and emotionally devastating. Quite an achievement. Bravo!!!

“Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” by Killa. What fun! She found what looks like nearly every flirtatious look between K&S in the entire series – and these are tons of them – along with some wonderful Kirk puppy-dog eyes looks and created a great vid with Kirk as the seducer and Spock playing coy.

Lastly, “Dante’s Prayer” by Killa. This is an absolute heartbreaker, and one of my favorite vids of all time. She uses scenes from ST 3 to show Spock’s death and resurrection; her vid ends with that final line “Your name is Jim...” Killa superimposes scenes in sepia from the original series and STTMP over these moments and having these scenes play out over Loreena McKennit’s gorgeously sung lines, “Please remember me...” is profoundly moving.

The weekend was over by then... time for the drive to the airport and goodbyes and plans to see each other at MediaWest.

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