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Loki riding

My cat Roshi likes to sit on top of my computer monitor and gaze at me like I’m Almighty God. This would be enormously flattering except for one thing: Roshi has all the intelligence of a speed bump. (But he *is* adorable!)

Yesterday, he was sleeping on the monitor when he suddenly went completely limp. I mean, like he just died! Scary! In a nanosecond he slid off the back of the monitor and through the small gap between the desk and the wall, knocking over – but not breaking – the lamp with the glass shade and the pencil/pen/cup.

I looked beneath the desk and he’s standing there on the floor, looking completely befuddled. He didn’t show the slightest trace of cat attitude – i.e., “I didn’t do *that*! Some *other* cat did that stupid thing!”

No, he just looked half-asleep and puzzled, clearly not able to make out how on earth he got *there*.

So I petted his head, and he was fine. Then I picked everything up and went back to work.

Later that same day he managed to turn off the power switch on the power strip to the same computer...!


Poor Kitty! Sounds like he's a bit cerebrally challenged :-)
You might enjoy the daily kittenbreak: look up the LJ site and subscribe to get a daily "kittenbreak"
like your new icon
Yes, he definitely is cerebrally challenged... But he's as sweet as he can be. :-)

Glad you like the icon! It's a screencap from "Shore Leave". Gotta love canon scenes like this...!
Thanks for the kittenbreak suggestion!
LOL! Did you ever see the classic vid of the same thing happening on Am's Funniest Home Vids? It's one of my all time favorites. The moral of the story: Never fall all the way asleep! Good he didn't break anything, though. Feed that boy lotsa fish - brain food!
Yes, indeed, I did see that video. Hysterical!

I don't think all the brain food in the world will help Ropshi, but he sure is sweet! He's up on the monitor even as I type, gazing at me, eyes slowly going shut as he gets ready for another nap...
Loki riding

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