catalenamara (catalenamara) wrote,

The Wild Wild West

I just put a copy of a January 1968 TV Guide up on ebay. Robert Conrad on the cover, and a really funny article about a purported (i.e. FAKE memo from management to the show's producers about various nastily funny things critics are saying about the show)

I didn't go into these alleged criticisms in my ebay listing, but they're just too hysterically funny not to share...!

Ahem. "Bruce, you'll never believe this, but the critics have been hollering their heads off. They say there's something slightly unsavory, slightly nasty, slightly kinky, slightly perverse, slightly odious, slightly repellent about Wild Wild West. They're accusing us of the very thing we've been trying so hard to achieve!"

ROTFL! Gotta love it. (The author did mention the part about "Bobby" taking off his shirt each and every episode.)

TV Guide sure loved their fake memos, etc. during this period; I can remember several other examples.

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