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Loki riding

Ya, You Betcha! Part 2

In honor of the Minnesota joke I posted yesterday, here's a link to a hysterically funny K/S story by JungleKitty called "Kirk and Spock Go Ice Fishing" or "If My Aunt From Minnesota Wrote Fanfic".


OK, no more Minnesota jokes, until the next time my relatives send me some, anyway. (I am *so* glad my folks decided the frozen north wasn't for them...! I purely hate cold weather...)


That's an old fave of mine, one of the funniest stories I've ever read!
Off topic, honey, but I'm not at home with my address book for your email, and I've just seen that you're agenting a McShep zine! Hmm, how much and how and stuff like that? Pretty please :)
Hi there! I don't have any details yet; I won't be getting it to sell until July, and I'm not sure yet if I'm handling mail order or just convention sales. We'll be working out those details shortly.