catalenamara (catalenamara) wrote,

How do words manage to clone themselves so often?

Yay! I finished a story. Rough draft, anyway. It’s a K/S TOS piece, a spackle on the episode “The Enemy Within”. (I plan to publish the story in my fanzine “Dark Fire” # 2.)

I’m working on the rewrite now. A quick read-through showed that, once again, I’ve fallen in love with certain words and used them a gazillion times. (I found variations on “linger” three times in six paragraphs.)

I finished the draft just before I left for MediaWest, and so the subject of word repetition was on my mind.

The airline I took to Lansing, Michigan is a strong believer in fitting in as many people as possible into as small a space as possible. They could teach canning companies how to pack sardines. When the woman in front of me lowered her seat, I could see the roots of her hair. She was practically in my lap. No place for a claustrophobe.

I took a paperback horror novel with me; reading a paperback is about the only activity I can manage on one of those flights. There’s no space for writing; a zine would take too much room to read comfortably. Thus, the paperback horror novel. Quick, fun reading.

Chapter one. There’s this character named Frank. Every time he speaks, it was - Frank whined, Frank whined, Frank whined. Or, for variety - whined Frank, whined Frank, whined Frank.

I was glad when the monster ate him at the end of the first chapter. It did occur to me to feel better about my bad habit of word repetition when a pro writer with, presumably, a pro editor, let so much word repetition get through.

Now to get back to my story and kill all those repetitions…! Maybe the pro writer doesn’t care, but I do.

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