November 26th, 2004

Loki riding


No, I haven’t seen it. No, I don’t plan to – unless someone I know and trust recommends it, or if a free movie ticket falls into my lap.

In the meantime, I thought I’d quote from a couple of newspaper reviews:

“The Los Angeles Times”, November 24, 2004: “Alexander Falls Short of Greatness”
The review starts with barbed comments about “missed opportunies” and “indifferent epics”. It then goes to say, re director Oliver Stone’s concept of Alexander, as being, “...presented so listlessly it’s hard to feel that the filmmaker took it all that seriously. Alexander’s relationship with Hephaistion (Jared Leto), a love match so well known in the ancient world it was said that the great man “was defeated only once, and that was by the thighs of Hephaistion”. Though Leto’s charcter is allowed to go in for eye shadow, this relationship is presented as so chaste and comradely you might mistake these lovers for Eagle Scouts comparing notes on merit badges.”

“The Pasadena Star-News” (Pasadena, CA), November 24, 2004: “Alexander Loses the Battle and the War”
Refers to the movie as a “rout” and an “absolute mess”, as being “so confused about its themes and ideas – not to mention the principal figure’s sexual identity – that the big ideas Stone clearly wants to illuminate get upstaged by Colin Farrell’s beautifully dyed and coiffed hair.” . . . “Apparently the last-minute panic surgery that’s been performed on the film cut out anything explicit about the conqueror’s widely presumed bisexuality. But it ony renders his trembling exchanges with liquid-eyed best buddy Hephaistion (Jared Leto), utterly, well, unmanly.” The review goes on to describe Alexander’s wedding night with Roxane as having “all the humanity of two werewolves in heat”.

Someday, some filmmaker is going to do justice to Alexander (and Hephaistion). I wonder how much longer it’s going to take before this happens?