December 12th, 2004

Loki riding

Weird moment today...

Today, I was going through the various gifts I've bought for people for Christmas. I buy gifts throughout the year for people, stash them, then take them out in December and do an inventory to see what else I need to get.

I had shown signs of ambition earlier this year, because not only had I purchased some gifts, I'd actually wrapped a few.

One of them was for my friend K, who passed away in August.

I couldn't even remember what I'd bought for her. I unwrapped it.
She loved miniatures. I then remembered buying this gift for her in the spring. It's a miniature "blender", like those cake blenders moms always used to make cakes and frosting. She would have absolutely loved it.

It was so... I don't know quite how to express this. Here this little gift, and she's gone.

Hugs to everyone.