July 1st, 2005

Loki riding

I’ve always wondered what they did with the surplus boys...

I see the polygamists have made the news again. I was catching up on a stack of newspapers, and saw a front page article from the June 13 issue of “The Los Angeles Times”. This seems to be a pretty popular theme for the Times; they’ve run an article on the polygamist communities in northern Arizona/southern Utah several times over the past few years.

(In the 1970s I used to send property tax bills to some of these folks.)

This recent article explained a question I’ve always wondered about: what do they do with the surplus boys? (I’m assuming this wasn’t as much of an issue for polygamist societies in the past; they would have disposed of excess boys by the usual method – sending them off to war.)

I was stunned by the answer: teenage boys who have violated one of the rules (i.e., listened to a CD or worn a t-shirt), are hauled up to St. George, Utah and dumped by the roadside just outside town. I’ve never been able to understand people who do that to animals – but to do this to their own children?!?

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