July 24th, 2005

Loki riding

Fan Fic and Harry Potter

Fan fiction is now mentioned in the most mundane of places. My office gets a subscription to "US News and World Report". I was browsing thru it while eating lunch, and read an article on Harry Potter - specifically, about people using Harry Potter to engage children in creative pursuits. 'Fan fiction' is mentioned in the middle of one paragraph (with absolutely no explanation as to what fan fiction is) as one of the ways children can actively respond to their interest in HP. No mention - fortunately! - of slash.
Loki riding

UNCLE coincidence

If you do any driving at all around Los Angeles County, you'll see signs up for various production shoots - usually commercials.

So, I'm driving through Pasadena, and see a sign for an "UNCLE" shoot. (Probably some kind of commercial, but who knows?) A moment later, I notice the car ahead of me has a license plate holder from "The Waverly School". I just had to laugh. Then I got some glorious images of Napoleon and Illya filling my head to keep me entertained for the rest of my drive.