December 30th, 2005

Loki riding

The Weather Gods & The Torment (not a typo) of Roses

Weather forecast: It’s supposed to pour! And the Tournament of Roses people are in a panic!

The Rose Parade people are sure praying to the rain gods! It hasn't rained on the Rose Parade since before I was born. The parade organizers feel they are specially blessed. We shall see if this record is finally broken this year.

I drive along part of the Rose Parade route every day after work, and for the last few weeks I've been watching all the bleachers go up. Now I'm picturing all those poor people in the rain. But it might not happen. They might get lucky one more time! Last year, it rained until the parade started, then glorious sunshine burst forth, picture postcard perfect blue skies - and as soon as the parade and the football game as over the rain came back, and stayed, pretty much for the next three months.

For the first time in ages, New Years Day is on a Sunday, and the very very proper Rose Parade cannot be held on a Sunday. Therefore, it will be held Monday this year. This reminds me of the other great Pasadena, California tradition: the Doo-Dah Parade! This parade was organized many years ago. New Years Day was on a Sunday that year, as well, and this bunch of guys in a bar said it just wasn’t right not to have a parade on New Years Day. So they had one.

Rather than trying to describe the Doo-Dah Parade, this blog does it much better than I can.

They’re talking about the Parade which was held in 2000, but I think this conveys the idea. My favorites of the acts:

The Torment of Roses: One year this entry consisted of large women wearing BDSM gear. (The Very Proper people in Pasadena, especially those on the Tournament of Roses committee, were quite incensed about this! They wrote Letters to the Editor!)

And of course there are the Dead Rose Queens....