January 22nd, 2006

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There is always some music company executive complaining that CD sales are way, way down, and then blame internet downloading for that fact.

I have no doubt that is true, and yet I’ve never seen anyone address the reason why I no longer buy CDs: Purchasing a CD player that lasts any longer than two months is proving to be impossible.

Last year, I bought a no-name CD player from Fry’s Electronics, which lasted – two months. I then bought a brand name CD player from Circuit City – again, it lasted two months.

I gave up on CD players at that point and have been busy copying my CD collection into my computer. Now,I am behind the times when it comes to tech...! Therefore, do any of you know if the following exists?

I would like to put all those music files on my computer onto some portable device that I can play like a radio. Preferably one that will work longer than two months!

My requirement: I hate earphones, I hate earbuds, I hate anything that interferes with my hearing. I do not want to be tethered to something I have to carry around with me. I just want something I can put on a shelf and play and listen to no matter where I am in the room/house at the time.

Does such a thing exist? I see tons of ads for iPods, etc., but they sure do seem to focus on the headphone thing.

Any suggestions?