June 1st, 2006

Loki riding

Oddly entertaining MediaWest incident

MediaWest convention is a large multi-fandom convention held at the end of every May in Lansing, Michigan. It’s open to all fandoms, and to gen, het and slash.

There’s always been a number of vocal anti-slashers in attendance; they will occasionally make snarky comments about my zines as they pass by my table in the dealer's room. I generally ignore this sort of behavior. After all, if I’m not interested in something, I don’t spend any time on it, and I can’t imagine why they want to waste time on something they’re not interested in/dislike. But some people just feel impelled to run their mouths.

I *was* oddly entertained by an incident at this year’s convention. It involved someone who was vocally and decidedly on the gen-only side. (She didn’t like slash and she didn’t like het either.)

The hotel (they are so patient with us!) allows attendees to post fannish flyers up in certain specified areas of the hotel. I was busy posting flyers for my upcoming K/S zines on one wall when a woman (a total stranger) came up next to me, posted her flyer, and said:

“Well, I *never*!”

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