August 3rd, 2006

Loki riding

Music Vids & Miami Vice

Songvids. Some vidders are just so damn good, that their images become, in my mind, permanently associated with a particular song.

Just the other day I was listening to the radio. “One Night in Bangkok” came on, and suddenly my head was filled with images from “Miami Vice” – specifically, images dealing with Lt. Martin Castillo (Edward James Olmos) and the Southeast Asia drug storylines.

I have *no* idea who did this vid. All I know was, I saw this vid, probably in the late 80s, and would *love* to see it again. If anyone reading this knows which vid I’m talking about, could they let me know the name of the vidder?

Now, aren’t these the perfect “Vice” lyrics?

One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble
Not much between despair and ecstasy
One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble
Can't be too careful with your company
I can feel the devil walking next to me

I’ve been thinking a lot about MV lately – it was the first fandom to lure me away from my Trek monogamy. (Re the new movie, I think I’ll Netflix it.)

Speaking of Vice, I found this link about MV and the ‘subversion of traditional patriarchal ideas’ over on metafandom:

Fascinating comments, particularly those about my favorite character, Lt. Martin Castillo, and how his “consistently submissive body language and a decidedly Eastern moral code” still manages to make him read as “the most dangerous person in the room.”

The most dangerous person in the room. So Very True.

And! The way Martin Castillo and Sonny Crockett could stand in a crowded room and have everyone else disappear but themselves.... Those astonishingly intense stares! The wonderful contrast between the two of them!

They did one dream sequence on one of the Vice episodes - it had Sonny walking on a beach. He was all in casual white, and the beach was white, and they desaturated the color out of the sequence so he was as incandescent as an angel. Castillo came walking up to him, in his black business suit, utterly startling against all that white. The contrast between them and the intensity between them was just perfectly encapsulated in this scene.

Sigh. I'm remembering why I loved this pairing so much.