June 15th, 2007

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I'm stunned. Check out this link:


This is the official - MGM! - website for "Stargate Atlantis" and "Stargate SG1".

You will notice the poll they have in the right hand of the screen:

"Favorite Atlantis Slash Pairings"

The OFFICIAL website is having a "favorite slash poll"!!!!!!!

Wow. I'm speechless.
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Lily - “Professionals” fandom has suffered a great loss...

I was really hoping the outcome would be different... We all knew how very ill Lily was, but she’d survived the odds before and we all hoped the same thing would happen again. It was not to be. Lily passed away on June 13 and a linchpin of Southern California fandom and “Professionals” fandom is now gone.

I was talking to a friend the other night. We were reminiscing about everything that Lily did for fandom over the years. Lily was such a key person in welcoming fans - whether brand new fans, or people like me who moved here from somewhere else. All those wonderful parties she held! I met so many people over the years at her parties who became good friends.

Lily was instrumental in getting me into Professionals fandom. This was the late '80s. I’d been injured in a car accident, and was off work for four months. I was ready for a new fandom, and Lily was right there with three to four feet of reading material – Professionals circuit stories. I read my way through Lily’s Pros circuit library that summer. I’ll always remember her generosity to a fan new to the area.

Lily was one of the people in this world who excelled in getting people together and making those crucial connections that keep fandom going. She will be sorely missed.
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I’m off LJ for months, and now I can’t shut up...

Wow, what a bunch of kerfuffles! I haven’t been on LJ much this spring, due to my job, but I managed to jump right back in right in the middle of major controversies.

I won’t address Fanlib here, except to say, stupid idea! So on to the most recent controversy.

I sure hope this proposed mass fannish migration to venues other than LJ turns out to be unnecessary. As many have pointed out, lots of people won’t follow, and fandom will become further fractured as a result.

I’m active in the zine community and I participate in some very active yahoo lists. With my current participation in LJ, I’m at my time limit. I enjoy LJ, but if people start going elsewhere, I’m not sure I can make another leap. A few years ago, several friends joined LJ. Several others joined BlogSpot. I had to make a choice which to go with, since I didn’t have the time to do both. So I went with LJ. As a consequence, I’m having a harder time keeping up with the friends who went to BlogSpot.

Now people are proposing migrating to other venues – several other venues – and my poor brain is going *enough*!

Question – I believe that every person on my flist are fannish – how many of you, given the complex nature of the controversy itself, would consider moving to another venue?

Lots of my fannish friends never made the leap to LJ in the first place. I’d say at least half of the friends I see at MediaWest aren’t on LJ. Though a couple of them, this past MediaWest, showed some interest in joining up… Ironically, as it turns out, just as many fans are talking about heading to other venues.

If any of the many proposals to create fan-only space on the net comes about, I’ll definitely check it out. (I’m curious as to how far the proposal that fans buy stock in LJ, should it become a publicly traded company, will play out. It sounds less than practical to me, but who knows? We sure are quite a presence here, and organized fans *can* accomplish quite a lot.)

By scanning about a zillion posts in Metafandom, I did find out bits and pieces of fannish history I hadn’t known before. The leap to LJ a few years ago took me completely by surprise. It makes a lot more sense now that I know a lot of this was motivated by fanfiction.net banning NC-17 stories, and, in a non-related movie, Yahoo Groups at approximately the same time TOSing several fannish adult lists.

Fandom’s always a moving current, isn’t it?