November 19th, 2007

Loki riding

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I see the neighbors down the way have purchased a burnt-orange colored SUV to go with their burnt-orange colored house. I have to say, this is a really entertaining example of color coordination - match your car to your house. Kinda reminds me of my late great-uncle; he had his VW Bug painted to match his motor home.

I'm really glad I don't live in a boring neighborhood where people are obligated to paint their houses beige.
Loki riding

Catching up with the Party Part 2: Supernatural & Callum Keith Rennie

Aha! Now I know why I didn’t stick with SPN the first time around.

A whole bunch of new SF/horror stories started airing around the same time SPN premiered. I missed the pilot episode, and instead started with episode # 2: Wendigo.

Now, I’ve never been fond of shows about big hairy monsters in the woods. Bigfoot is a good punch line, and certainly was fodder for many issues of the Weekly World News. But Bigfoot and his cousins do not make for good TV. (OK, so the SPN monster wasn’t all that hairy. But he was big, and he was in the woods.)

So I rewatched “Wendigo”, and now believe I must have started with the absolute worst episode of the series. On the plus side, it was fun watching Callum Keith Rennie being all grizzled mountain man. Sad that he got et by the monster, but if you hang out in the woods with wendigos...

Right now I’m making my way through Season One. Things are are improving. Except I still don’t much like the airplane episode, which was the second, and last, episode I saw the first time I tried to watch this show.

I gave up on SPN after the airplane episode. I went to MediaWest the following year, and everyone was CRAZED about SPN. So I gave it another try. Yup, the airplane episode again. At least it wasn't "Wendigo". I could never have gone on from there...

But I persisted, and I watched most of Season Two, which rocked! Thus, my quest to watch this show from the beginnning. Why are these guys so damn hot!!! Do I need a new fandom? Resistance is futile...