January 5th, 2008

Loki riding

Fandom as Family

A friend of mine emailed me a picture yesterday, and wow!

Some images are just perfect. I looked at this one and was instantly transported back in time, to 1985, when a group of us said – “Let’s put on a con!”

And we did, and it was craziness and it was insanity and it was all good.

This picture brought it all back. Dallas, Texas, 1985. Was this before or after our Dark Shadows convention? No idea. But there we are – eight of us – smiling at the camera, and OMG, we were all so young!

Here it is, 23 years later – and during those years most of these people became an important, an integral part of my fannish family. Like any family, we’ve had our ups and downs, our soap opera moments. Families are like that. And yet these friendships have carried on, all this time.

Out of the seven other people in this picture, I still am in touch with five of them, and visit with them at least once a year. And then there’s the emails and phone calls, etc.

When I first saw the picture, my gaze went immediately to Dave – opinionated, FUN, slow-talking Texan Dave. I still remember the shock of that phone call, several years ago. You’d gone into the hospital for routine surgery; you never woke up again.

Tonya – an absolutely brilliant writer – gone away from fandom and our group. I hope wherever you are, that you're well and still writing wonderful stories and poems.

And the rest of you – many hugs to the rest of you, to JP, MO, the other KR, and, particularly, to DC and MR. You’ve enriched my life in so many ways. Thank you and much love.
Loki riding

Just because I’m weird...

I see that tomorrow is Epiphany. Now I have the hymn “We Three Kings” running through my head. Now I’m wondering if I’m the only person who thinks what a seriously pagan hymn this song is - not to mention the story in Matthew. The themes – the gold (kingship), the frankincense (divinity) and the myrrh (death) seem to fit in perfectly with the archetypal concept of the sacrificial king.

BTW, the kings sure didn’t have a clue as to good gifts for a baby....

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