September 15th, 2008

Loki riding

Yay, Bugstock is back!

Yay, Bugstock is back! This October 11 at Santa Anita racetrack! I think it’s been at least three years since the last one.

There’s nothing like seeing several thousand vintage VW bugs, campers, busses, Karmann Ghias, "Things", etc., filling up the Santa Anita Racetrack parking lot. Though my car is young compared to some (it’s a 1973 model, so it's “only” 35 years old... older than some of the people I work with...) there will be plenty of 1960s and even some 1950s models to admire.

Oh yeah, a faux Beatles band will be playing as well. They’re OK; kinda set the mood and all that. But the cars are the stars!

Gotta love some of those VW moments! I parked at the grocery store and there was another bug parked a few spaces away. A woman came out and asked me my car's year. I told her, 1973. She said with great pride, "*Mine* is *1966*!" I had to concede her point. :-)

Then there's the sheer number of miles you can put on these things. My brother put over half a million miles on one of his cars, and I've heard tales of people driving them for over 1,000,000 miles.

When my brother moved to California he took his car to the Motor Vehicle department to get new license plates. The guy inspecting the car noticed he had two odometers and asked him, with grave suspicion, "Which one of those are accurate?" My brother, also with great pride, told him, "Both. Add them both together and add another 10,000 miles or so for the time between when the first odometer broke and the time when I installed the second one". The guy said, "You're admitting this???" There was another DMV guy hanging around and he said, "You don't get it. This is a VW owner. He's not *admitting* it; he's *bragging* about it."