September 20th, 2008

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How’s this for a crossover idea? “Star Trek” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”?

I just saw the Nicole Kidman movie “The Invasion”. (My review: “Been there, seen that.”) The most interesting thing on the DVD was the special feature which briefly discussed the previous versions, and how every version had functioned as a metaphor for a variety of paranoias: 1950s “Red Scare” hysteria*, 1970s fear of Jonestown-style cults, and now 2000s fear of pandemics.

So how do I get to (heh) proposing a Trek/Invasion crossover?

The Kidman movie is filled with news broadcasts showing earth is finally at peace. No more war in Iraq, no more war in Afghanistan, Kim Jong Il has become a rational leader, etc. Everyone is so rational, so calm, so non-emotional.

So (grin) what if this alien virus has been sent to Earth by the Vulcans who have decided humans are incapable of achieving a logical, non-emotional state? It’s certainly a timesaver, and “the logical thing to do”.
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For Sue...

For Sue...

A friend received a snail mail letter from a mutual friend to let her know Sue had passed away. She shared the letter with me.

Sue was a such a sweet person. I didn’t know her tremendously well, but I sure knew her for a long time. We met through fandom back in the late 70s and corresponded for awhile through the mail. But life takes people off in different directions, and I didn’t hear much at all from her for quite a number of years. She got a bit more active in fandom in recent years. It was quite a surprise to run into her at a convention a few years ago. We had a nice talk, about old times and new fannish interests. I saw her at conventions a time or two after that and we always found time for at least a short conversation. She was a good soul.
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For Nancy...

I just finished posting about Sue passing away, and found this entry:

Nancy Kippax was a shining light in Trek fandom. She was one of the people who welcomed newbie me back in the late 70s to Trek fandom. She gave so much to so many over the years, through her fanzines, her writing, her convention work, and so much more.

Much love to her family and many friends.