January 11th, 2009

Apollo Sunrise


Well, I wrote 2000 words today. Very uninspired, pedestrian words, but words, and they accomplished the basics of setting the scene and emotions and tone. Very flat, boring words, but I'll fix that later.

It's nice to be writing again. I barely wrote a word last year. There's something about the search for employment which cuts off the creative process in my brain. I set aside a certain amount of relaxation time, to enjoy my favorite shows and books and yahoo lists and zines and LJ and email, but when it came to writing, as soon as I even thought about it, I'd start thinking there had to be more places to send out more resumes out into that great black hole.

I am so fortunate to be working permenantly again. I am so grateful I had a long term temp job this year. And I am so happy to even be starting to write again.