February 4th, 2009

Apollo Sunrise

Tech Help, anyone?

I'm going to build a website for a friend who has been sending out a fannish newsletter via bcc email for some time. But the list has gotten very big; it's just too cumbersome to keep doing it that way. She would like to send out her newsletter via the email address that comes with the website.

I contacted the hosting service I'm thinking of using for the website. The hosting service said I need to have a unsubscribe link in each email; it can't just go to an email address; when someone unsubscribes it has to automatically remove that email from a database.

What she's been doing in the past is, when someone wants to unsubscribe they just email her. The addresses aren't even in a database right now; they're just in Word.

Does anyone have a link to a tutorial which could give me advice on how to do this? Any other ideas where I can start? Thanks!