March 9th, 2009

Nimoy Quinto

Star Trek Panel at Escapade (slash convention)

I co-moderated this panel at the slash convention Escapade this past weekend:

“With the new movie release, and fanfilms getting more press than usual lately, what's new on the Trek fandom front this year? What's on the rise, what's on the decline, how is the new movie catching your attention (or making you cringe) and how is the ur-slash fandom integrating the next new generation of fans (they get younger and younger every year!)?”

We discussed the various trailers for the upcoming movie in the panel. A 4th trailer was released on Friday, March 6.

Here are youtube links for the trailers:

4th trailer, released 3-6-09

3rd trailer (with Leonard Nimoy)

2nd trailer is identifical to 3rd, except no Nimoy.

1st trailer, Nimoy voiceover, Enterprise under construction, December 2008 release date